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Bobby Pins - ría fuera fuerte [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
i am plastic ninja

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Bobby Pins [Nov. 4th, 2003|04:10 pm]
i am plastic ninja
[mood |artisticartistic]

Ok, so now's time for a serious entry.
In 4th period i was getting out the black acrylic paint and I began to squeeze it out of the tube...and SPLOOOCH! it got on my white shirt, haha, good thing the shirt was free and non sentimental! Last weekend I cleaned my desk, it's actually quite amazing! I can actually see the top of my desk. I got rid of all unnecessary art supplies ( charity ) so now I have more space to work and it's much more comfortable ( wonder how long that's gonna last) Also I've decided to download AIM on my computer , cuz i hate having to go to the other one to IM with my friends, grr. It dosen't matter anyways I only talk to about 3 people online, haha! Everyone else is just there cuz at one point i got ahold of their screen name.

I used photoshop for the first time yesterday *first time meaning I know how everything works correctly* and I made a nice piece with a couple of brushes I downloaded. Pridepride.